Gueliz and Hivernage

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In addition to office buildings, contemporary shops, and malls—none of which may exceed the nearest mosque's height—Guéliz has plenty of sidewalk cafés, international restaurants, art galleries, upscale boutiques, and antiques stores. Connecting the two sectors, between avenues Mohammed VI and Hassan II, are the delightful public Harti Gardens. Hivernage is a leafy suburb by comparison, with olive trees, roses, and orange trees lining its boulevards. It’s the most expensive urban residential district in the city, with gated private residences interspersed with smart hotels, casinos, nightclubs, restaurants, and chic cafés.


Musée Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech

Opened in late 2017, the Yves Saint Laurent Museum is next to the Jardin Majorelle and the Villa Oasis where…

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El Harti Gardens

This delightfully mature and beautifully maintained public garden does not receive the attention it deserves. Paved pathways wind through cactus…

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Majorelle Garden

The Jardin Majorelle was created by the French painter Louis Majorelle, who lived in Marrakesh between 1922 and 1962. It…

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