The Great Silk Road

10/04/2022 through 09/08/2023
10/04/2022 through 09/14/2023
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The Great Silk Road

Unlock the secrets of the Silk Road on this immersive journey across Central Asia. From Beijing all the way to Tashkent, this epic 32-day trip heads west across China, showcasing stunning relics, dynastic palaces, Muslim minarets, hidden grottoes and rock-cut Buddhist masterpieces. Continuing into Kyrgyzstan and on to the heartland of Uzbekistan, be dazzled by Central Asia proper: the tranquil landscape of Song-Kol Lake; Solomon’s Throne in historic Osh; and the superb mosques of Samarkand. Full of warmly hospitable locals, spectacular expanses and constant evocations of a legendary past, this is the Silk Road at its magical best.


  • Xi’an – Muslim Quarter walking tour
  • Xi’an – Terracotta Warriors Tour (entrance fee, transport, local guide included)
  • Zhangye – Danxia Landform Geological Park
  • Jiayuguan – Hanging Great Wall
  • Jiayuguan – Fort
  • Dunhuang – Mogao Caves
  • Dunhuang – Crescent Moon Lake & Singing Sand Mountains
  • Turpan – Jiaohe Ancient City
  • Kashgar – Livestock Market & Grand Sunday Bazaar
  • Bishkek – City Tour
  • Shamsy Valley – Burana tower
  • Don Aryk – Local home visit & horsemanship demonstration
  • Kochkor – Market
  • Kochkor – Women’s Felt Co-op
  • Uzgen – Uzgen Minaret & Complex
  • Osh – Sulaiman-Too Mountain
  • Osh – National Historical and Archaeological Museum Complex
  • Tashkent – Chorsu Bazaar
  • Tashkent – Khast Imom Complex & Moyie Mubarek Library Museum
  • Tashkent – History Museum of the People of Uzbekistan
  • Samarkand – Bibi-Khanym Mosque
  • Samarkand – Gur-e-Amir Mausoleum
  • Samarkand – Shakh-I-Zinda
  • Samarkand – Registan
  • Samarkand – Paper making workshop & home cooked lunch
  • Bukhara – Ismail Samani Mausoleum
  • Bukhara – Sitorai Mohi Hosa Palace
  • Bukhara – Chor-Bakr Necropolis
  • Bukhara – Ark Fortress
  • Bukhara – Kalon Mosque
  • Vobkent – Minaret
  • Gijduvan – Ceramics workshop


  • Follow the route of the ancient Silk Road, travelling in the footsteps of countless generations of nomads and traders
  • Discover the unreal, rainbow-coloured landscape of Zhangye, a UNESCO site that looks like countless pots of bright paint have been spilled across sandstone mountains. You won’t be able to put your camera away!
  • Uncover the ‘other terracotta warriors’ in Xi’an’s Hanyangling Mausoleum, an authentic and more personal burial site that’s home to tens of thousands of buried pottery figures
  • Experience the unique atmosphere of Kashgar’s Sunday Market
  • Central Asia is a fascinating and unique mix of ancient Silk Road culture, Soviet influence and striving to redefine nations post independence. Geographically and for a time historically, it is the real centre of Asia.
  • The much-photographed Registan in Samarkand is one of the true pinnacles of Islamic architecture. You’ll be wowed by the scale, grandeur and beauty of the monuments to iconic figures such as Tamerlane and the Persian influenced madressas, mosques and mausoleums.
  • Experience for yourself the legend that is Central Asian hospitality – there’s really nothing like being welcomed into a local home or yurt for a meal, chatting with stall holders at bazaars or simply marvelling at the sights alongside locals.
  • Kyrgyzstans mountains are its monuments and its majesty. The landscapes here will stay with you long after the journey is over.
  • Marvel at the beautiful Song Kol Lake, where in mid-summer you may see flocks of sheep, goats and herds of horses watched over by nomadic herdsmen and their families.
  • Stay overnight in a yurt lakeside and live like the locals have for centuries in these portable, felt lined traditional tents.
  • Reflect on the important role horses have played in the traditional Kyrgyz nomadic life style while witnessing horseback sports like odarysh (wrestling on horseback), tiyin-enish (where riders try to pick up coins at full gallop) or kok-baru (goat polo).


Day 1 Beijing
Day 2 Xi'an
Day 3 Xi'an
Day 4 Xi'an - Overnight Train
Day 5 Zhangye
Day 6 Zhangye - Danxia Geological Park
Day 7 Jiayuguan
Day 8 Jiayuguan - Dunhuang
Day 9 Dunhuang
Day 10 Turpan
Day 11 Turpan
Day 12 Overnight Train
Day 13 Kashgar
Day 14 Kashgar
Day 15 China/Kyrgyzstan border - Torugart Pass - Naryn
Day 16 Bishkek
Day 17 Bishkek
Day 18 Don Aryk - Issyk Kul - Kochkor
Day 19 Son-Köl
Day 20 Kyzyl-Oi
Day 21 Suusamyr Valley - Chychkan - Kok-Bel
Day 22 Osh
Day 23 Osh
Day 24 KGZ/UZB border crossing - Andijan - Tashkent
Day 25 Tashkent
Day 26 Samarkand
Day 27 Samarkand
Day 28 Samarkand - Shahrisabz - Bukhara
Day 29 Bukhara
Day 30 Gijduvan - Bukhara
Day 31 Tashkent
Day 32 Tashkent

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