Rio de Janeiro

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The favelas are Brazil's gloomily famous shanty towns. Once a shelter for war veterans and freedmen, they have now become the symbol of social and economic inequalities in the country. A guided tour of these communities represents a unique opportunity to understand the locals' living conditions, their challenges and their daily struggles. If you have the chance, visit the famous favela named Rocinha to discover a whole different side of Rio de Janeiro. Visits are only recommended as part of a supervised guided tour and may be unsafe to do on one's own.

Do & See

Visiting Rio feels like coming home. A home that looks different than usual, but where everyone can reunite with a part of themselves they didn't know existed. Among the myriad of activities available, the places to be discovered and the people to meet, the throbbing Rio de Janeiro is able to satisfy everyone's needs and hopes, inadvertently providing a tailor-made experience.