La Scala Siciliana


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La Scala Siciliana

La Scala Siciliana can be described as a warm Italian restaurant with a family-friendly atmosphere. On the menu you will find dishes made from old family recipes, such as "escalope valdostana" (veal escalope Milanese) or "polpette the Sicilian" (meatball). Other authentic Italian dishes you can enjoy are pizza and pasta.


Plunge into the small, picturesque, yet lively world of Lyon’s traditional restaurants – the bouchons. Their menus display all the specialities from the local markets and traditional Lyon dishes. Lyon is also the capital of gastronomy and grande cuisine. The uncontested master of French cuisine, Paul Bocuse, has his restaurant by the Saone, and new chefs brimming over with creative talent abound. In Stendhal’s "Memoirs of a Tourist," he wrote: “I know one thing that you do very well in Lyon, you can eat admirably there.”