Museum of Human Anatomy


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Museum of Human Anatomy

Travellers who enjoy going slightly off the beaten track should not miss the Museum of Human Anatomy in Pisa. First opened in 1832, the museum collected thousands of pieces of highly accurate anatomical models made for educational-scientific purposes. Certainly and unusual and macabre attraction. A section of the museum is dedicated to anatomical paintings by Giovanni Paolo Mascagni, who was famed for his mind-blowingly intricate and accurate colour illustrations. Another section contains archaeological finds, such as funerary objects from pre-Columbian civilisations, with fabrics, vases and various utensils, mummies and sarcophagi.

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The boat service in Pisa will let you enjoy the architectural scenery of the Lungarni, or the natural beauty of the nearby San Rossore Natural Park, in which several important races and dressage competitions take place. Pisa celebrates traditional events such as the fascinating Luminara (a candlelight festival), the historical Regata (a boat race on the Arno river) and the Gioco del Ponte (an ancient contest on the Ponte di Mezzo). The three of them take place every year in June. An alternative could be a festival of international sacred music called Anima Mundi. It takes place between September and October in the Cathedral and Monumental Cemetery.