Via Aurelia (Aurelia Street to Rome)


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Via Aurelia (Aurelia Street to Rome)

Via Aurelia, constructed in approximately 241 BC, played an important role in times of the ancient Roman Empire, to connect the cities of Pisa and Rome and to enable trouble-free and efficient movement of defensive forces and goods between them. Today, the drive along the coast might not be the fastest way anymore, owing to the often heavy traffic, but it for sure is one of the most beautiful rides in Italy. Today, the modern Strada Statale 1 ocupies the same route and is informally known as La Via Aurelia. Remains of several Roman bridges can still be founds along the road, including the Cloaca di Porta San Clementino, Ponte del Diavolo, Primo Ponte, and the Secondo Ponte (the last three in Sta Marinella).

Useful Information

  • Address: Strada Statale 1 (Via Aurelia), Pisa