Spring Regattas


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Spring Regattas

An event that attracts a huge and diverse crowd every year, the spring regattas are organised by the luxurious Italian Yacht Club. Over 100 boats depart from Portofino´s port in May, competing for the coveted trophy in 3 days of good sportsmanship, accompanied by concerts and shows.

Do & See

Nestled in the Regional Park of Portofino, scenic walking trails along the coastline or high uphill are just a few steps away. Numerous boat trips also start from Portofino's bustling port: the city's surrounding area is a marine sanctuary, perfect for enjoying the underwater world or just swimming in emerald crystal water. But in the end it's the city itself that makes Portofino such an alluring travel destination: the charm of the old fishing village coexists with boutiques, restaurants and art galleries, in a mix of maritime traditions and modern fashion.