Taverna del Marinaio


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Taverna del Marinaio

One of the most iconic restaurants in town, Taverna del Marinaio is located in Portofino´s main square and overlooks the port. In the menu you'll be able to find Ligurian classics such as the gnocchi al pesto, as well as seasonal specials like shrimp-based dishes.


As a former fishermen settlement, Portofino boasts a culinary history rich in seafood-based dishes, made with basic ingredients and fresh herbs. The homemade pesto is a classic throughout the whole Ligurian Riviera and in Portofino, with its own touch of personality, it features tomatoes and vegetables as an addition. In true Italian spirit, the city sees another pasta dish among its specialities: the pansotti, a filled pasta with a triangular shape. The picturesque harbour has reshaped into an exclusive resort, price-wise, which makes it tricky to find a good meal if on a budget. With a history that dates back to the 20th century, the family-run restaurants that have developed around the Piazzetta are certainly some of the crown jewels in town.