Louis Vuitton


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Louis Vuitton

Another big name pops out in Portofino, at Molo Umberto I, right in front of the port. This Louis Vuitton shop features brightly lit white and wooden interiors that make its offering of high-end clothes, bags, shoes and accessories stand out even more.


Luxury boutiques line up neatly down Portofino's cobbled alleys, making it an attractive destination for fashion enthusiasts. The popular jet-set resort also doesn't fail to treat the holiday-makers fairly, offering a plethora of high-end stores and art galleries. The pulsing heart of fashion revolves around Martiri dell'Olivetta Square (the so called "Piazzetta"), but Calata Marconi, Via Roma and Molo Umberto I are also packed with luxury brand names and upscale restaurants.