Mendips — John Lennon's Childhood House


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Mendips — John Lennon's Childhood House

Don't miss the extraordinary opportunity to explore the place that shaped the musical genius of John Lennon and the legendary Beatles with a tour of John Lennon's childhood home. Step into the house where Lennon resided with his aunt Mimi and uncle George, the very place where several iconic Beatles songs were composed and rehearsed. Marvel at the collection of photos and Beatles memorabilia on display as knowledgeable guides take you through the tour. Remember to secure your tickets in advance through the provided website to ensure a seamless visit.

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Liverpool's most popular sons are, undoubtedly, The Beatles. Every year, millions of visitors come here to follow their journey. From their very first gig at the Cavern Club all the way to their international stardom. However, Liverpool extends beyond The Beatles' legacy. It is also home to two top football clubs, Everton FC and Liverpool FC, the latter being amongst the most celebrated clubs in Europe with 19 League titles and 6 European Cup titles. Exploring the city's historic landmarks and architectural wonders also comes highly recommended.