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Established in 1884, Jaeger is known for their "classic twinset and pearls image". Here you can find garments made of high quality fibres such as cashmere and camel hair.


High up on your to-do list should be to indulge in some retail therapy, as Nottingham is renowned throughout Britain for its legendary shopping experience, and earned a fine reputation when it comes to style. Here you will find everything from big brand names to unique small retailers offering you a great mix of fashion. Well-known fashion designer Sir Paul Smith, who was born in Nottingham, has set up his flagship store here in Nottingham, which should not be missed. The main shopping areas in the town centre are all conveniently within walking distance from each other, but for a compact shopping experience you can head to the two main shopping centres – The Victoria Centre and the Broadmarsh Centre. If you fancy a trip out of town for a more ‘local’ experience, why not take your pick from Nottinghamshire’s many market towns: Mansfield, Southwell, Newark, Worksop or Retford.