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Cruise Ship Travel

The Cruise Ship Terminal, located on the north side of St. George's, accommodates two large ships; up to four can anchor in the outer harbor. The terminal—which opens directly into the Esplanade Mall and the minibus terminus and is a block from Market Square—offers a full range of passenger facilities. You can easily tour the capital on foot, but be prepared to negotiate steep hills. If you don't want to walk up and down through town, you can find a taxi ($3 or $4 each way) or a water taxi ($4 each way) right at the terminal to take you around to the Carenage. To explore areas beyond St. George's, hiring a taxi or arranging a guided tour is more sensible than renting a car. Taxis are plentiful, and fixed rates to popular island destinations are posted at the terminal's welcome center.

A taxi ride from the terminal to Grand Anse Beach will cost $20, but water taxis are a less expensive and more picturesque way to get there; the one-way fare is about $8 per person, depending on the number of passengers. Minibuses are the least expensive way to travel between St. George's and Grand Anse; pay EC$1.50 (55¢) and hold on to your hat. They're crowded with local people getting from here to there and often make quick stops and take turns at quite a clip. Still, it's an inexpensive, fun, and safe way to travel around the island. If you want to rent a car and explore on your own, be prepared to pay $12 for a temporary driving permit (arranged by the car-rental agency) and about $75 to $85 for a day's car rental.


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