Airmail should take around six or seven days to reach the United Kingdom or the United States and two or three days to reach Australia.

Most New Zealand Post shops are open weekdays 8:30–5, and in some areas on Saturday 9–12:30 or 10–1. The cost of mailing a letter within New Zealand is 80¢ standard post, NZ$1.40 fast post. Sending a standard-size letter by airmail costs NZ$2.40 to North America or Europe and NZ$1.90 to Australia. Aerograms and postcards are NZ$1.90 to any overseas destination.

If you wish to receive correspondence, have mail sent to New Zealand, held for you for up to one month at the central post office in any town or city if it is addressed to you "c/o Poste Restante, CPO," followed by the name of the town. This service is free; you may need to show ID.

Postal Service

New Zealand Post. 0800/501–501;

Shipping Packages

Overnight services are available between New Zealand and Australia but to destinations farther afield "overnight" will in reality be closer to 48 hours. Even to Australia, truly overnight service is only available between major cities and can be subject to conditions, such as the time you call in. A number of major operators are represented in New Zealand and the services are reliable, particularly from cities.

You can use the major international overnight companies listed here or purchase packaging and prepaid mail services from the post office. Major duty-free stores and stores that deal frequently with travelers will be able to help with international shipping, but if you purchase from small shops, particularly in country areas, arrange shipping with a company in the nearest city.

Express Services

DHL World Express.

Federal Express.

TNT International Express. 0800/275–868;


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