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The country code for Portugal is 351. When dialing a Portuguese number from abroad, dial the nine-digit number after the country code.

Calling within Portugal

All phone numbers have nine digits. Numbers in the area in and around Lisbon and Porto begin with a two-digit area code; phone numbers anywhere else in the country begin with a three-digit area code. All fixed-phone area codes begin with 2; mobile numbers, which also have nine digits, begin with 9. For general information, dial 118 (operators often speak English).


Portugal Telecom.

Yellow Pages.

Calling Outside Portugal

Calling abroad is expensive from hotels, which often add a considerable surcharge. The best way to make an international call is through Skype on your computer or smartphone, if you have access to Wi-Fi.

Calling Cards

Purchasing a cartão telefônico (calling card) from a post office, newsagent, or tobacconist can save you money and the aggravation of finding enough change for a pay phone. Cards come in denominations of €5 and €10, sometimes more, and can be used from both private and public phones for national and international calls.

Mobile Phones

If you have an unlocked smartphone, the least expensive option for using it within Portugal is to buy a prepaid SIM card. For about €5–€15, you’ll receive a Portuguese phone number and credit for domestic calls and texts. (International calls cost more; check with the mobile-phone provider for special rates.) SIM cards are available at Vodafone, MEO, and NOS stores, with locations within most Portuguese airports and cities. You can also often rent a cell phone from these same vendors, but the expenses are usually much higher than simply using a SIM card with your current phone.


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